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(2013 Reunion)

We hold an annual reunion every year on the 4th Saturday in June. Our 112th reunion is now history with 61 members attending at the Bridgeton Township Recreation Grounds. Our next reunion (113th) will be on Saturday, 23 June 2018 (4th Saturday), at the Bridgeton Township Athletic Recreation grounds in Revere, Pa. Only an email will be sent out in May as a reminder for the event (if you have not given us you email address, then contact us to add your email address). The directions to reunion are available.
Our 100th reunion was held on 25 June 2005 with 272 family members attending. William Penn visited us to help us celebrate such a prestigious event. Click here to read his speech. Here is a poem written for our 75th family reunion!
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The photo of the whole gang from the 2005 Family Reunion and onwards will be available for purchase at the next reunion (plus a few older ones).

Any family member who would like to add their Family Home Page as a Link or send me pictures of their family, please e-mail me and I will add this to the Family Photos page!

Michener-Worthington Reunion Family Quilt


We are proud to trace back our heritage to the Quakers Robert and Elizabeth Michener of the Parish of Ash in Surry England. Their son John Michener (b. 25 June 1656) married Sarah Moore (b. 17 June 1664) at a Sussex Friends Meeting in 1686. They shortly left England for America. With a short stay over at Pennsbury Manor, they settled for a while in Philadelphia. In 1715, they left Philadelphia for their final home in Horsham, attending the Abington meeting.

If you would like further information on the our family, we have three books published on the subject:
"Micheners in America", "More Micheners in America" and "Still More Micheners in America".  We also keep our family records in the Bucks County Historical Library in Doylestown, Pa. The first two books were written by
Anna E. Shaddinger. The third, by Sheri Michener. If you would like more information please contact Regina Butterer, Family Historian 

Please send all correspondence to Regina Butterer, Family Historian
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